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Causes of Acne in Male

Causes of Acne in Male

Acne in males is completely natural and common. They occur due to excessive sweat, genetics, diet, hormones, and stress.

Excessive sweat increases the oil production in the body and that results in production of acne.

Genetics play a key role. A genetic history of acne will have high production of it. In such cases, consult your dermatologist.

A diet that is high in sugar as well as the consumption of milk causes high level of creating insulin. Increase in level of insulin encourages the production of hormones that produce sebum, which can cause acne.

Stress and hormones are another reason to triggering acne. Stress-related hormone called CRH also known as corticotrophin-releasing hormone. CRH binds with receptors in the skin’s sebaceous glands and that binding drives up more oil production which eventually causes an acne.


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