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Brand Assets

Permitted Glowderma Logos


x  Do not change the size of the brand symbol to the logotype.
x  Do not place the logo on backgrounds that provide insufficient contrast.
x  Do not add effects like shadows, dimensions, and gradients to the logo.
x  Do not create logo ‘lockups’ by adding text near the logo.
 Do not stretch the logo.
 Do not compress the logo.
x  Do not place the logo over busy photographic backgrounds.
 Do not alter the color specifications within the symbol or the logotype.
x  Do not attach text of any kind to the logo.
x  Do not alter, change, or distort the brand symbol.​

Legal Note

In short, the Glowderma logos represent only Glowderma Lab Pvt. Ltd and should not be used to represent either you or your projects, products, or company.

Additionally, do not attempt to redraw or recreate any logotype element. Use the approved files for the artwork.

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