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Moiz is a skincare brand specializing in cleansers and moisturizers. Our Moiz-branded products are formulated using IFRA certified fragrance, are free from parabens, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Moiz LMF.png

Moiz LMF 48

Good moisturizer is an integral part of daily skin care routine. Moiz LMF 48 Face & Body Lotion is a long-lasting moisturizer, recommended by dermatologists, clinically proven to hydrate & protect the skin up to 48 hours. Formulated with unique double hydrating concept to improve skin’s natural moisture balance by increasing epidermal as well as dermal water reservoirs. Enriched with the synergy of 17 powerful moisturizing agents which include 6 Natural Moisturizing Factors like Hyaluronic acid & Sodium PCA. With its excellent spreadability & long-lasting hydration, keeps the skin soft and supple with silky smooth feel. Non-greasy, non-sticky & non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Moiz HydroBoost.png

Moiz XL Hydroboost Cream

Every skin is not same. Some skins are intrinsically more prone to dryness to excessive dryness. Such skins are vulnerable to environmental insults, itching, irritation, inflammation, infections etc. and need extra care, moisturization & protection for longer period of time, and in some cases life long. Moiz XL Hydro Boost Cream is an intensive, deep moisturizing formula for dry to very dry and chronic dry skin conditions. It helps to restore protective skin barrier and repair damaged skin in chronic conditions such as Xerosis, Ichthyosis, Psoriasis and Xerotic eczema.

Moiz Cream.png

Moiz Daily Moisturising Cream

In today’s fast-paced mobile lifestyle, every skin type - healthy, dry, or sensitive—is constantly under stress. This stress arises from environmental aggressors, such as pollution, changes in weather, sudden fluctuations in temperature and humidity caused by factors like air conditioning, and travel between different geographical zones. Additionally, exposure to chemicals found in deodorants, perfumes, makeup, soaps, and frequent use of hand sanitizers can further compound this stress. Even the choice of clothing, including materials that may trigger allergies or those that don’t allow the skin to breathe properly, can disturb the healthy equilibrium of the skin.

Moiz MM Cream.png

Moiz MM Skin Barrier Restoring Cream

Your skin’s protective barrier keeps your skin properly hydrated, and protects from external hazards. Its functional and structural integrity is essential for skin’s health. In excessive dry skin conditions, your skin’s protective barrier may be severely compromised, which will make your skin vulnerable to infections, intense itching, premature ageing and chronic skin diseases.

MOIZ Cleansing Lotion - New_1.jpg

Moiz Cleansing Lotion

Dirt, dust, sweat, sebum, pollutants, dead cells, make up and microbes constantly accumulate on your delicate skin, thereby rendering the skin prone to infections, inflammation and dullness. Therefore, every good skin care routine must begin with thorough cleansing to remove all such harmful elements.

Moiz Syndet Bar.png

Moiz Syndet Bar

Your personal hygiene and skin care starts with daily customary bath. Without even thinking or giving a second thought, we use soaps. Usually soaps are made with animal fats (tallow) with alkaline pH reaching up to 11 and in some cases 12 or more. Our skin is mildly acidic with pH between 5.5 to 6. Soaps with significantly higher alkaline pH disrupt protective skin barrier (acid mantle) and deposit carbonate salts (scum) on the skin which cause various damaging & harmful effects. In fact, most of the skin dryness and related issues have been attributed to regular use of soaps

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