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Minoboost Topical Hair Solution is a hair regrowth treatment for Alopecia areata, Alopecia androgenetica, and female pattern hair loss.
Minoboost Topical hair solution is enriched with Procpil inhibits the conversion of enzymes responsible for hair loss and also strengthens the hair follicles.
It works by increasing vasodilation and stimulating the hair follicles.
Formulated in a lipid base and free from alcohol

Minoxidil IP 5% w/v, Procapil 3%

Pack Size
60ml in a bottle

Direction of use

  • Minoboost Topical Hair Solution comes with caliberated 360 degree spray pump & a dropper.

  • To use caliberated 360 degree spray pump follow the steps below: Minoboost must be applied only when the hair and scalp is completely dry.

Step 1 - Open the cap and remove the seal.
Step 2 - Insert the spray applicator in the bottle.
Step 3 - Screw the spray applicator firmly and remove the safety cap.
Step 4 - Prime the spray pump by actuating it for 3 to 5 time in the air.
Step 5 - Aim the pump towards the bald area, press the pump once and spread the solution with fingertips.
Repeat 5 times to apply the dose of 1ml solution.
By using dropper -
Step 1 - Squeeze the bulb and insert the dropper into the bottle.
Step 2 - Fill the solution in the dropper up to the 1ml mark.
Step 3 - Apply the solution gradually to the bald area to prevent the solution from running off the scalp.

Warnings & Precaution

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Protect the pack from exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Store below 30°C in a dry & dark place.

  • Protect the pack from exposure to direct sunlight.

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