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Kevon Soap

Ketoconazole is Solubilized in the lipid phase and stabilized at the molecular level then incorporated in a transparent soap form. It forms a thin film of the skin hence, increased contact time with the skin.


Ketoconazole IP 2% w/w


Better eradication of fungal pathogens.

Faster clearance of fungal lesions.

Prevention of dryness and skin irritation.

Other Ingredients

Soap Flakes q.s, Excipients q.s.

Directions of Use

Rub gently on wet skin to produce lather.

Allow it for 2-3 minutes and wash thoroughly.

Pack Size

100gm Packed in carton

Warnings & Precaution

Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature, in a dry place.

Protect from direct sunlight.

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