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Daily skin cleansing removes dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and other unwanted debris & removes skin impurities which give a fresh look to the skin. Harsh cleansers such as common soaps & sulfate-containing cleansers take out moisture & oil from the skin, causing skin dryness & irritation. Long-term use of such cleansers disrupts the natural skin acid mantle and ecosystem. Glowderma offers the most advanced & gentle cleansers viz. Moiz Cleansing lotion and Moiz Moisturizing Syndet Bar, are specially formulated to meet the needs of sensitive skin for gentle cleansing & protection, without disrupting the skin’s ecosystem.


Moiz Cleansing Lotion offers 2 natural biodegradable surfactants; Sodium cocoyl apple amino acids & Decyl glucoside. Skin-friendly pH 5.6.


Moiz Syndet Bar is a soap-free bathing bar with skin-friendly pH of 5.5.

It gently cleanses the skin without disrupting natural oils, emollients, irritation, or dryness.

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